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  The distichous Boophane (all of them) and Brunsvigia (only some) will naturally orient themselves perpendicular to the sun - as if they were looking at the sun with the 2 runs of leaves outstretched like arms. So plant them with the line between their 2 runs of leaves pointing at the sun at noon in summer.

  The rosette-leaved Brunsvigia require no particular orientation but they they too tend to grow, over time, so that the bases of their leaves (which still emerge in distichous fashion) are perpendicular to the sun.

  I have limited experience with the prostrate, 2-leaved Brunsvigia. They do not seem to have a preferred orientation.

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I am putting many of my bulbs into the ground and was wondering if the orientation of my Boophone and Brunsvigia is important.  I have not noticed any effects when in pots.
Do they have any particular orientation in the field with respect to the sun?
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