Phycella bicolor

Laura & Dave
Thu, 01 Nov 2018 15:05:00 PDT
Hi mike
   One of the tricks I use (and you may already know this), is to Google the 
plant in question, and click on */more images/* (usually appears on first page 
with a row of images).  Most images are of the flowers, but there are usually 
/some/ of wild habitats.  One has to decide which images are of plants in the 
wild, or just very natural gardens, but often hints of culture can be gleaned.  
There are a number of photos for Phycella bicolor, one showing them growing in 
what appears to be stream side gravel, another among boulders on a steep slope 
with lots of other vegetation.  This may indicate lots of water that quickly 
drains away or is taken up by other plants, and dry conditions when not in the 
rainy season.  Translating wild conditions to ones particular growing situation 
is the trick, of course.
Hope this helps,
   Dave Brastow, Tumwater Washington USA  zone 7A

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