Allium thunbergii

Jane Sargent
Mon, 26 Nov 2018 16:56:30 PST
I now have two pots of Allium thunbergii "Ozawa," each about gallon. 
They have many cut-off little stems and a few thready green leaves that 
look as if they have been frozen. These were brought to me from northern 
Vermont, so freezing is likely. I live in central Massachusetts, more or 
less zone 5b. Tonight's chilled rain is washing away the week's snow. It 
did get down to 6`F last week, but now it's 40`, and while there may be 
some ground freezing, I don't think it's solid yet.

Should I dig two good holes and plant these puppies, or is it too late 
in the season? Do I overwinter them in their pots outside, and if so, 
under the roof overhang or open to the sky? Do I just put them in the 
kitchen next to the fishtank and let them wait until Spring? If I do 
that, should they get watered?

Sometimes our cooking onions sprout in the kitchen cabinet in the 
winter, if ignored. Ozawa is just an onion, if the truth be told, but it 
isn't clear what to do next with it.

Jane Sargent

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