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Mon, 26 Nov 2018 06:22:25 PST
This is a good time to repeat the 2 C formula .I developed this natural, effective, even edible fungicide about 20 years ago because of damp off, wilts, & especially seeds that died from shipping problems.   1 teabag regular tea   2 teabags chamomille (flowers) tea   2 plastic 2 liter soda bottles   1 teapot of water
Wash pot & soda bottles especially inside & out of necks , caps, & threads. Heat water, put in teabags, turn off heat.When tea cools to room temperature, pour equal amounts into the 2 soda  bottles and fill to the top with water. Use this 2 C in a mist sprayer for soil surface and gently foreign  bottom irrigation of pots and trays instead of water. It's been used on all sorts of bulbs seeds, tomatoes, other veggies, a& flowers. It prevents wilts and actually grows seedlings faster in 3 to 6 months. Hippeastrum 25 % to 30 %  to be specific.
Come to the Amaryllis Festival in central FL on Saturday December 8 at the historic Henry Nehrling Palm Cottage Gardens in Gotha next to Winter Gardens just west of Orlando. We will have European, South African, & Australian style hippeastrum even a tiny curly exotic soft yellow, the species papilio, and a few rare Thai Thai with its balloon buds, tiger claw opening, & pink - white - yellow - green color zones !!! I am the man that teaches growing fancy hybrid hippeastrum in live oak trees of FL and the gulf coast states and in the pygmy date palms of south FL. Help us celebrate. The historic Henry Nehrling Palm Gardens is on line and easy to get to. Bill Warrenamstgrp@yahoo.comSent from Yahoo Mail on Android
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