Paradise fire update

Diana Chapman
Wed, 21 Nov 2018 05:21:47 PST
Dear Friends:

I have received e-mails asking about the progress of the efforts to help 
the victims of the Paradise fire in California, so I though I would fill 
people in with the little information I have.  This is a bit off topic 
for the bulb forum, but so many have participated in the fund raising, I 
think it is appropriate.

I have been so touched by the response of bulb enthusiasts.  Many people 
sent extra money to donate to the fire victims, some as much as $100.  A 
customer in England sent me an order and an additional $65 to donate. So 
kind, to care about people so far away.  I have counted up about $2000 
so far, but I have a stack of orders on my desk that haven't been 
tallied, so it is more than that.  The charity I am sending the money to 
will use the funds to help people get back on their feet, there are many 
charities and businesses taking care of their immediate needs, but 
housing is going to be a terrible problem, following on from the fires 
in the Redding area in August.  Redding is about 80 miles distant from 
Paradise and the Carr fire there destroyed over 1000 homes.

As far as blaming environmentalists for the fire.  First, we have had no 
rain up until now.  By late November usually we have had several 
significant storms.  Second, the area where the fire started I know 
intimately, I go there to gather seeds of Erythronium multiscapoideum, 
Pulga form. It is very steep rocky terrain, very sparsely vegetated, and 
has power lines crossing the area.  Those same power lines have caused 
fires in the past.  About ten years ago three or four pylons came down 
in a wind storm in that area. PG&E, the utility company, has been sued 
several times for fires started by poor maintenance.  It is a fact that 
there was a downed power line at Pulga that started the fire, then 
another incident that started another fire nearby.  The dryness and the 
wind then caused the fire to spread rapidly.

Paradise was uniquely vulnerable.  It was an old community, with 
neighborhoods that grew haphazardly, with narrow lanes in some areas 
where two cars could hardly pass.  There was a very high proportion of 
low income seniors, many who lived in trailer parks, some with 
disabilities and many who would not have had transportation.

Rain is coming in today which hopefully will put an end to the fires.  
There won't be mudslides in the Paradise area, Paradise was mostly built 
on a plateau.

Again, my heartfelt thanks to all who sent in orders and donated.


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