Impromptu SX - large Amaryllid sp

Kipp McMichael
Sun, 25 Nov 2018 11:37:24 PST

  Fall house projects have distracted me from timely collecting and sending seeds of my large Amaryllids species to the SX. Now I see many of them have started sprouting already so there's no time to delay.

  In the interest of getting these to people who can get them in the ground ASAP, I'm offering this SX directly. I ask that you send a small donation, $2 per seed lot, to the BS for whatever you order.

  Many of these seeds are already putiing out a root. They will still grow fine but they need to be potted carefully (make a hole to accommodate the root and plant the seed at the surface) and immediately upon receipt.

  Here's what I have:

Boophone haemanthoides
Boophone disticha
Brunsvigia josephinae
Brunsvigia gregaria (few)

  Please send your desired taxa and your shipping address and I'll send these out tomorrow. PLEASE RESPOND PRIVATELY ( AND QUICKLY as these seeds are already growing and I want to ship them all out by Monday or Tuesday.


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