cloth bags

Tim Eck
Sun, 14 Oct 2018 15:23:27 PDT
I took a quick look and suspect they are polyester plus a few organic
contaminants to make them sound eco-friendly.  In this case, "biodegradable"
would be an extremely 'relative' concept - maybe over a few hundred years.


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> I buy chrysanthemum starts (rooted cuttings) in nonwoven fabric "pots."
> The specialist growers write that although the bags are biodegradable
> and can be penetrated by roots, it is best to remove the bags when
> potting the young plants on. I move the rooted cuttings into 4-inch
> plastic pots as soon as they've recovered from shipping and removal from
> greenhouse conditions, and grow them on until I see roots at the drain
> holes.
> These bags might be useful for growing bulbs from seed, since they are
> cheap and the young bulbs can be potted on when they go dormant. On the
> other hand, the bags aren't reusable like plastic pots, which (though
> made from petroleum) can be reused for many years. If you use them to
> start annuals, I'd be sure to wait until the seedlings are well rooted
> before removing the bags. Some annuals might not have roots strong
> enough to penetrate the fabric. I don't know, as in my area annual seeds
> are usually directly sown. Also, I'm not sure whether the bags would
> allow free enough movement of water to prevent rotting of
> moisture-sensitive plants such as many bulbs.
> Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon, USA
> On 10/14/2018 7:05 AM, Jane Sargent wrote:
> > What is the experience with starting or growing plants from seed in
> > biodegradable cloth bags? These are available really cheaply on Amazon
> > and would have the theoretical advantage of preventing transplant
> > shock. I have never tried using them.
> >
> > We woke this morning to our first frost here in Central Massachusetts
> > (zone five) this morning. It's about 3 weeks late, so the zinnias have
> > continued to be ebullient.
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> > Jane Sargent
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