Candling lily seeds question

stephen willson
Sun, 28 Oct 2018 17:59:30 PDT

I’ve been candling Lilium mackliniae seeds to send to the seed exchange and I have a question regarding seed viability (not wanting to send Albert a number of duds).  The seeds fall into three types - chaff, with no embryo being easily identified.  Then there are seeds with a clear embryo that has a central dark line (which I take to be some form of embryonic shoot or root), and then a group of seeds with an embryo but without this central ‘root’.  I have attempted to show all three types in the attached photo.

My question is whether this last group (the one minus the ‘root’) is equally viable as the seeds showing the possibility better-developed embryo with the ‘proto-root’.  Should I submit both embryo-showing seeds to the exchange?  I also realize that the ‘chaff’ may also contain seeds with difficult to see embryos, so I will pot these up separately.

It’s my first attempt at serious candling, so any advice would be welcome!


Steve Willson
Zone 8b, northwest Washington State
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