Rain Lily dormancy

Michael Kent kenttoto@gmail.com
Sat, 27 Oct 2018 11:28:11 PDT
This morning, I checked on my collection of rain lilies that are stashed,
for the winter, in the basement. I was intending to trim off dead foliage,
etc., but instead found that nearly all of them (about 20 different
species) are still growing. Quite a few are even sending up new leaves.
They've been in a dark area (in their pots) without any water for a month.
I'm not sure if the failure to enter dormancy is due to the warm, humid
weather we experienced right up until they were transferred inside (frost
was expected), or fertilizing at the end of August (about two weeks later
than usual). Our temperatures were mostly in the 80's daytime, and mid-60's
overnight until they were brought in - no consistent colder temperatures.
However, the basement averages low/mid-50's for most of the year (except

Is there a way I can force the rain lilies to enter dormancy? Or, since
they're currently using up stored energy in producing new leaves, would I
be better off keeping them going under grow-lights all winter? I do have an
area set up with grow lights, and could juggle plants around a bit to fit
in the rain lilies.

Thanks in advance for any input on the issue.

Finger Lakes Zone 6a - where it's currently gray and drizzly at 36 degrees,
but I'm staying warm with the help of this year's bumper crop of hot
peppers (which really liked the 80's and humid weather)
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