Summer flowering Alliums and more

Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Sat, 29 Sep 2018 09:06:07 PDT
Dear All,

There is also a pretty summer flowering Allium from Mongolia, Siberia and northern China. Allium neriniflorum. It looks very good on pictures and I have just received it from Buried Treasures in England. Here is a link with appetizing pictures.…

It is still very hot and dry here in southern Portugal, in August we barely escaped the devastating wildfires..... large areas are burnt and about 200 people left homeless. The local very pale pink Amaryllis belladonna is flowering in spite of the drought, so is Urginea maritima. The first potted and watered Oxalis start to flower, most are still invisible.
Nights are getting cooler now and days shorter. One of the great pleasures of my garden in the making is Calonyction album with about 50 saucer sized fragrant flowers opening every evening, not a geophyte, though.
A seed list for the BX is in preparation.
I am very moved by the last issue of the Bulb Garden. I have met Rachel only once very briefly but have corresponded with her from time to time, always very helpful, friendly and competent...... and the plants of course with Silverhill on their labels...

Bye for today 

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