Long toms

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Sat, 15 Sep 2018 10:58:18 PDT
Jane mentions Stan Gibson of Longview WA, a potter who makes long toms.
I've also bought several of them that have held up very well, except for the
rare occasion with the dogs get carried away with play.  He ships his pots
and is a vendor at Hortlandia, the yearly plant sale in Portland at the Expo

I've also found very similar, good quality terra cotta pots that were
high-fired at a local garden store south of Bandon.  Don't know where
they're made (Italy maybe?) but the prices are reasonable and they've held
up well also.  No need for flats to hold them upright.  I'd rather have
Stan's pots but these do in a pinch.  I think checking around for more
specialized nurseries in your area and asking if you don't see any would

The extra large glazed pots too often have a single hole too small to be of
use unless you double pot.

Hansen Nursery

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