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Wed, 12 Sep 2018 18:12:19 PDT
We received this message from Maria about a rather impressive "bulb" described below.  She was able to supply a picture which is posted in the Mystery Bulbs section of the PBS website.  If you have an ID, you can contact Maria directly (maryahsirocco@hotmail.com), or you can post to this group and I'll forward the message.  Thanks!

Eugene Zielinski

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>Subject: PBS website contact:///query/ about odd shaped plant
>I picked up a plant which looks like a flattened football. It has a smooth appearance and is light beige in colour.  From its centre a yearly stem comes out. It bears parallel leaves along the stem, which is approx 1'6" and bears small, insignificant, bell shaped white flowers.
>I bought it because of its unusual appearance, but now i have the responsibility to find out its name,
>what it is and how to look after it. Have contacted several people and scanned the internet, to no avail.
>It could belong to the Beaucarnea species, except that the leaves are shaped more like those of a
>Can you help or steer me in some direction?
>Most grateful, sincerely,
>Maria Botwright
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