autumn flowering Alliums

Nathan Lange
Fri, 28 Sep 2018 17:40:24 PDT

These are some additional Allium species reported to be autumn 
flowering but not in commerce in North America (except A. chinense). 
Many are recently described and rare (not A. chinense). I don't grow 
any of them.

A. archeotrichon
A. chinense (culinary)
A. istanbulense
A. makrianum
A. oporinanthum
A. tardiflorum
A. telmatum
A. therinanthum (described as late-flowering)


At 10:34 AM 9/28/2018, you wrote:
>  Jim mentioned thunbergii, which might be the most available of the 
> autumn flowering species. There are also saxatile, psebiacum, 
> maowanense (which I passed around to people after getting from Chen 
> Yi then lost it myself), and others. None are easy to come by 
> though. Aaron     On Friday, September 28, 2018, 9:32:49 AM CDT, 
> Jane Sargent <> wrote:  Are there other 
> late-blooming alliums that are available in commerce? Jane Sargent 
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