Colchicum "liparichoides"

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Flowering in my bulb house now is a middle-sized Colchicum which I once 

grew from seed received under the name "Colchicum liparichoides." This 

name (to my astonishment) does not exist anywhere within the reach of 

Google, where invalid plant names abound. Its well-rounded white flowers 

do not resemble those of the other white colchicums now in flower, which 

are all smaller and with narrower tepals. It in fact resembles a 

half-size version of the popular garden selection 'Innocence', long 

grown as "Colchicum byzantinum album." I suppose it might be a white 

form of some normally pink species, but I don't see any pink ones of 

similar size and tepal width in flower right now.

Has anyone else encountered this name?

Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon, USA


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