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Tue, 04 Sep 2018 07:06:04 PDT
> Guy:
> Thank you for the input; I had wondered
> if buried Urginea bulbs did not receive sufficient summer
> heat to bloom.  However, that is not normally a problem
> in Yuma; the ground does not insulate here like it does
> elsewhere in the Southwest.  Wherever the summer sun
> touches it, temperatures are oven-hot down to at least a
> foot.  I lost many bulbs because of this when I first
> moved here.
> Shawn Pollard
>  Dear Shawn,
>  300 bulbs of Urginea maritima
>  are blooming now around my olive farm
> in southern Catalonia
>  (Spain) in a very dry Mediterranean
> climate. They were
>  already here when I bought the old
> farm, probably for a very
>  long time, they have naturalised
>   on and on, and they still do so.
>  Most of them have the neck at
>  ground level, some are a bit out and
> some a bit deeper in
>  the dry leaves. They all bloom well,
> maybe better if they
>  have a long and dry summer rest and a
> bake.
>  Maybe if they are too deep, they
>  do not get enough heat to bloom?
>  For 
>  Amaryllis belladonna, only one
>  blooming now, maybe mine are also too
> deep or too dry in
>  winter?
>  Hope it may help you 
>  Regards
>  Guy L’Eplattenier/ el
>  Perelló/ zone 9
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