Long toms

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Sat, 15 Sep 2018 07:45:06 PDT
Used tree tubes and rolled 'blueprint' Mylar sheets work well too.  The
rolled sheets (with tape) make repotting a snap.  Some people just fill a
rectangular recycling bin (with drainage holes) with rolled mylars and don't
bother with bottoms.

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> Hi,
> My idea for a pot for growing seedling bulbs would be
> 2 inches square, 6 inches high
> Such dimensions are likely to fall over, so it would have an
> interlocking design to allow pots to support one another.
> It would have legs, so that the bottom of the pot is well clear of the
> bottom of the seed tray - preventing water accumulating.
> I'd probably copy that design (can't recall the name) which just has a
> cross to support the compost - again promoting free drainage (or maybe
> have a lattice bottom).
> I do have long toms, for growing clematis in, I can see the attraction
> for full size bulbs, but their volume is too big for seedlings.
> In the past I cut lengths of 2 inch diameter water pipe to make long pots.
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