Saunders Memorial Issue of Bulb Garden

James Waddick
Tue, 25 Sep 2018 08:43:49 PDT
Dear Mary Sue,

	Little has been said about the latest Memorial edition of The Bulb Garden. It is really quite grand and reflects both the many loves of the late Saunders, but also the love of PBS for them.  I sincerely hope that its publicatiion  will help to generate substatial monetary support for the publication of their book on Gladiolus. Congratulations to all on the PBS Board and volunteers who worked to put this together.

	If I may dare, I suggest that PBS cover any costs needed to complete the publication and distribjtion of the book.

	All of us in PBS are at a loss without Rod and Rachael  because of theiur generosity and passion for bulbs.

			Sadly Jim W. 

On Sep 23, 2018, at 9:39 AM, Mary Sue Ittner <> wrote:

The Bulb Garden devoted to remembering Rod and Rachel Saunders is now available to download from the Pacific Bulb Society website:

Mary Sue

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