Transplanting spring-foliage Lycoris?

Nicholas plummer
Mon, 01 Apr 2019 12:31:58 PDT
Can anyone comment on the best time to transplant Lycoris species and
hybrids that produce their foliage in the spring?  With the winter-foliage
types like L. radiata, there's only one dormant period, so summer the
obvious time to transplant.  However, the spring-foliage types (e.g. L.
longituba, L. squamigera) have two periods when there is no activity above
ground: late spring/early summer after the foliage fades but before
flowering, and autumn/winter after flowering but before leaves sprout.

I guess the short version of this question is:  At what time of year do
Lycoris grow new roots?

Nick Plummer
North Carolina, Zone 7
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