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Fri, 26 Apr 2019 11:55:43 PDT
Epimediums, reticulate irises & newly named snowdrop cultivars comprise 
the April medley in the  free e-magazine International Rock Gardener 
April 2019 :  IRG 112

Colin Moat is an English nurseryman who has been involved with the RHS 
Roundtable consideration of Epimedium for the Award of Garden Merit; the 
report on that is now published. Jānis Rukšāns, well known in these 
pages and elsewhere, as a bulb expert turns his attention to bulbous 
irises of the Hermodactyloides subgenus.  Patricia Becker is a keen 
gardener and galanthophile from New Jersey who introduces us to a sweet 
snowdrop which she has chosen to name for the well-known American 
snowdrop enthusiast, Ernie Cavallo.   Krzysztof Ciesielski lives in 
Żary, Poland and has a passion for nature that he follows not least as a 
relief from his busy worklife. He loves galanthus and enjoys seeing them 
in nature – in spite of various problems that beset his favourite sites. 
One of his introductions is  named for a Belgian friend, Wim Boens who 
has also been published in the IRG.

Download it  free, here  :…

M. Young


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