Treasuers note

Arnold Trachtenberg via pbs
Sat, 20 Apr 2019 18:35:08 PDT
I hope everyone has received the recent Bulb Garden with the Membership Directory and articles about Bomareas and Trilliums.
If you haven't received it and are a paid member send me a note at email address below.

For those in the US the stamp affixed had the image of a geophytic flower.
We are holding a naming contest.
The third ( 3rd) correct answer I receive to my email will win a copy of "A Field Guide to the Flowers of Kwazulu - Natal and the Eastern Cape by Elsa Pooley.
This is only open to domestic members of the PBS.
Image stamps are not acceptable for overseas postage with the postal application we use , (Sorry overseas members)

Send your answers to me at
Welcome to spring everyone.
ArnoldTreasurer, PBS

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