Mistery bulbous plant

Gianni Benetti gianni.leonotis@gmail.com
Wed, 17 Apr 2019 13:42:07 PDT
Thanks to all those who gave me valuable information on this unusual
plant. After observing many photos, I also agree that it is
Cyrtanthus, while the bulbs and leaves of Brunsvigia and Boophone are
very different from my plant. I live in the north of Italy, 80 km
south of Venice, so the winters are cold and wet. Last winter I kept
the plant in a little heated greenhouse (minimum temperatures close to
0 degrees centigrade), in full light and giving it very little water.
The plant did not grow. Now it is growing slowly and I give it some
water about three times a week.
It remains to be seen whether it is Cyrtanthus herrei or C. obliquus.
As this Cyrtanthus is growing in the spring it could be C. herrei, but
it also looks a lot like C. obliquus.
Some of you suggested that I grow it in a large pot, someone in a
small or deep pot to encourage flowering. I don't know who to listen
to anymore.
Thank you for other suggestions you will give me.

Gianni Benetti
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