Posting pictures - new guidelines

David Pilling
Thu, 25 Apr 2019 07:44:50 PDT

I've changed the limit on photo sizes and updated the list guidelines, 
which are copied below:

You may attach JPEG (.jpg, .jpe) photos to posts.

Only post things for which you own the copyright.

Your photos may be visible to everyone on the internet for all time.

PBS may add posted photos to the PBS wiki.

The maximum size of a message with photos is 20MB, messages over 10MB 
will be moderated.

Photos must be sent as message attachments; html emails are converted to 
plain text and any inline images will not appear.

JPEG files are removed from messages and kept on the server, links to 
the JPEGs appear at the end of posted messages - under the text "scrubbed"

I appreciate that some of you are finding this as easy as jumping 
through burning hoops - I see the need to move on from the current 
software (mailman 2).

David Pilling
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