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David Pilling
Fri, 12 Apr 2019 09:57:02 PDT

The PBS has a wiki with a lot of material relating to growing bulbs, it 
also has over 1400 links to other resources on the web.

I recently checked those links and found a large number were broken.

One typical situation is that someone creates a website around a species 
they're passionate about, then after 10 years they lose interest and the 
website vanishes.

Another is that professional well funded organisations move things 
around or decide that material they once put on the web can be removed.

One answer is the Internet Archive ("Wayback machine") often that 
contains copies of websites that have gone, but not always.

Does it matter - new stuff comes along and lots of the old stuff was not 
that good. Some of us have got over the fire at the library of 
Alexandria (48 BC).


If you have an online plant resources which you're thinking of 
discarding, let me know, maybe PBS can host it.

Keep copies of web pages that are useful (for your own personal use).

When quoting references, it's better to quote the title than just an 
obscure link - titles can be Googled after the original link is renamed.

David Pilling
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