mistery bulbous plant

Ulu Knecht uluwehi.knecht@gmail.com
Mon, 15 Apr 2019 16:31:47 PDT

Your new plant is definitely a Cyrtanthus: likely either herrei or
obliquus. Brunsvigia grandiflora leaves have a different shape. When
Boöphone leaves aren't flat they usually have undulate margins rather than
twisting as seen in herrei and obliquus.

While it's true that Brunsvigia and Boöphone benefit from extensive
root-run, most Cyrtanthus like to be under-potted (small pot ratio to bulb
size) as their roots are prone to rot, so I would not recommend repotting
your new bulb (unless the growing medium is decomposing). Keep it someplace
bright and only water when the root zone had dried throughly.

Kind regards,
Ulu Knecht

On Mon, Apr 15, 2019 at 11:07, Kipp McMichael <kimcmich@hotmail.com> wrote:

>   Without a flower, the ID will be difficult. From the image, it could be
> Boophone haemanthoides, Cyrtanthus obliquus or a Brunsvigia sp like
> grandiflora.
>   A bloom would help, of course - and you'll get a bloom more quickly if
> you plant it in a much larger pot.
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