Mystery bulb

Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Tue, 16 Apr 2019 15:34:09 PDT
Hello Gianni,

Your mystery bulb is almost certain Cyrtanthus herrei. You can compare it with the pictures on the website.

It is a very rare and valuable bulb. It does not like root disturbance and as a Cyrtanthus it prefers to be potbound in a small pot. So I recommend not to repot it into a bigger pot.

Where in Italy do you live? Frost free? As a winter growing bulb it could be grown outside in the open garden If it were a frost free Mediterranean climate. It might need some protection from excessive winter wet as it is native to a very dry habitat in South Africa. If you live in a cold part of Italy pot culture is of course better.

Any manipulation of the root system should be carried out at the beginning of the summer rest and not now.

Good luck with your plant. Any more questions?

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