Lycoris fraud

Tony Avent
Fri, 30 Aug 2019 09:01:43 PDT
Yes, these have been posted for years…very surprised that ebay still hadn’t taken these obvious frauds down and banned the sellers….perhaps they haven’t had enough consumer pressure….hint, hint.

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From: pbs <> On Behalf Of James Waddick
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Subject: [pbs] Lycoris fraud

Dear PBS Friends,

I recently got a note from a PBS member and Lycoris fan asking about “New colors’ in Lycoris as advertised on eBay. I went and looked and found blatant fraudulent LIES. Not only did these include ‘impossible Lycoris colors” such as pure black, Royal Blue, Bright orange double flowers and more, some of the flowers pictured were not even Lycoris, but various Rain Lilies, Day Lilies etc. Many of these were advertised cheaply from sellers in China. PLEASE BEWARE.

There is a limited pallette of colors for Lycoris and most are seen on the PBS wiki.… <…><…>

Please buy from reliable growers and hybridizers such as Edens Blooms, Plant Delights and others.

And enjoy Lycoris season as it goes into the next pahase of bloom season. Best Jim W.

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