Biarum tenuifolium ss zelebori

Hansen Nursery
Fri, 09 Aug 2019 20:13:56 PDT
I'm getting ready to send some tubers of this Biarum to Al and wonder if I
need to ship them in damp peat or not.  This species is, I think, a bit of
an acquired taste, but definitely a distinctive little aroid.  The spathes
are such dark purple they are almost black.  Mine, at least, don't get more
than a few inches tall.


I didn't even realize it was blooming until I noticed something odd and
realized the slugs had been at it.  As is mentioned on the Wiki, the spathes
are the color of the soil and the leaves hardly lighter.




Robin Hansen

Hansen Nursery

Cloudy, humid southern Oregon

12 miles east of the coastline

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