First cyclamen spotted

Fri, 16 Aug 2019 22:30:33 PDT
I can't be of much help with the critters - for me it's maynly slugs 
this year, they've been a pest all Summer, especially in cutting down 
Bomareas but even climbing up Passifloras to feed on the flowers, so I'm 
now experimenting with copper tape on the pots - too fresh to judge 
effectiveness. I havn't seen any cyclamens flowering now, but I have a 
bulb of Colchicum bivonae in full flower for almost 2 weeks, that's 
somewhat disturbing.


Am 16.08.2019 um 17:06 schrieb Mary Sue Ittner:
> Cyclamen cilicium, C. hederifolium, and now C. africanum have been 
> trying to flower for a couple of weeks now. Something is eating the 
> flowers just as fast as they appear, but not the stems or the leaves 
> (of C. coum that is showing up.) I finally moved several pots inside 
> and have a barrier on a couple of others, but the flowers are coming 
> through the barrier so are probably doomed. I had a few left over moth 
> balls from the time I had a chipmunk that was fond of Calochortus 
> flowers and I stuck one of them in one pot and so far there is still a 
> flower left in that pot. Anyone have any idea of the culprit or 
> suggestions?
> Mary Sue
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