Brunsvigia josephinae
Sun, 04 Aug 2019 12:55:48 PDT
Jim wrote:

>Does anyone know anything about pollen maturation or stigma receptivity

My experience has been similar to everyone else's: The plants will set some
seed if selfed. With some of the amaryllids it's very easy to tell when the
stigma is receptive: the tip of it opens up into three tiny starfish arms,
with a fuzzy texture on them. It practically begs "pollinate me!"

B. josephinae doesn't seem to do that. The tip of the stigma changes a bit,
but it's hard to describe and not very obvious.

In Amaryllis belladonna, the stigmas open as the flower starts to age, and I
assume the same thing happens with B. josephinae, since they are related.
The flowers in the umbel on B. josephinae doesn't open all at once, so you
will have flowers of various ages in the umbel on your plant. What I do is
take fresh pollen from recently-opened flowers near the center of the umbel,
and put it on the stigmas of the flowers on the outer edges that are
starting to look older. That does the trick for me.

Good luck!

San Jose, CA

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