Botanical tour of South Africa?

Linda Press Wulf
Thu, 14 Feb 2019 05:58:40 PST
I would appreciate recommendations for economical ways to put together a group tour of South Africa’s Cape, including Namaqualand.  The scientific director of the Jerusalem Botanical Garden, Dr Ori Fragman-Sapir, who has travelled to South Africa and Namaqualand three times, would be the botanical expert, with a particular interest in geophytes. What I need is a bus for 10-20 people and a tour guide/driver who is a) knowledgeable about plant locations and b) efficient about moving the group from place to place in the Cape. 

Optional add-ons could be three nights in Cape Town and three nights at Kruger National Park. Is there a recommended travel agent for these? A recommended group site at Kruger? 

Is it practical to ask participants to book their own international flights, or would these be the “bread and butter” to encourage a travel agency to help with the rest?

As you can tell, I’m a novice at this and I would appreciate advice. My aim is to facilitate an affordable opportunity; my hope is to raise a little money for the JBG (rather than for a travel agency). 

Of course, you are welcome to send me your names (just to my address,, not to the whole list, please) if you would be interested in joining.  The tour would be in August 2020 or August 2021, at bulb peak season (and when it is cooler in the arid parts of the northern Cape).  

Thank you for any advice 
Linda Press Wulf
Born in South Africa; living mainly in Berkeley, CA (where I have adjoining summer-dry beds for South African and California natives) and partly in Israel.
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