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Fri, 08 Feb 2019 22:59:06 PST
And of course, there are the many Lilium species.  The Asian cultures are
correct when they relay that the darker colored bulbs of trumpet lily
species are bitter.  Believe me, it's beyond bitter - just take a tiny
bit that gets spit out immediately, and the unpleasant taste lingers for
an hour in your mouth no matter what you do.  But asiatic lilies are very
good tasting.  A couple of relevant reports I made on the web:
and if you would like to slog through the entire forum thread "Cooking
with Lilies" that includes a lot of irrelevant entries, it is here:

And recently I have had enough martagon section species to eat, too -
martagons and tsingtauense/distichum/martagon hybrids.  They are the best
tasting of all!  You will notice in my previous links I mention a
slightly soapy taste when bulbs are eaten raw that goes away when cooked.
 Martagon section lilies do not have this at all.
  I have yet to try any American species.

I am eager to hear about any experiences with Lilium spp. that anyone
else can share.

Rick Rodich
just west of Minneapolis, MN

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