Nothoscordum dialystemon help

Brian Whyer via pbs
Mon, 18 Feb 2019 11:45:09 PST
Mine flowers from late autumn until spring. Never many at any one time but rarely out of flower. In unheated greenhouse so gets little frost over last few winters.

Brian Whyer, UK

 Yes they usually bloom in winter-
 spring after a cool fall-winter. And go dormant in summer.
 > Hello
 > I have had this
 little bulb growing in pots in a sandy loam mix for years
 > and it grows well.but no flowers. Can
 anyone tell me how to get them to
 flower? Do they need a dry/cold/resting period to initiate
 flowering? Any
 > help would be greatly
 > Fred Biasella
 > Cambridge (Boston)
 > USDA Zone 6b
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