Evolution of geophytes?

William Hoffmann wahoffma@ncsu.edu
Fri, 08 Feb 2019 02:44:12 PST
>Beyond that book does anyone have any other books, articles, ideas,
>theories, etc? That might be useful in introducing evolution of geophytes
>as a curriculum?

I find the evolution of geophytes fascinating because it is evident
that the growth form has evolved independently in so many distantly
related groups of plants. There is an interesting paper by Proches et
al (2006) examining this issue for Cape geophytes:

Because the geophyte habit has originate so many times it is an
excellent example of convergent evolution. Not only has the geophyte
habit arisen multple times, but also each the specific kinds of
structures (bulbs, corms, tubers) have arisen many times. When similar
structures evolve independently in multiple groups of plants in
response to similar environmental conditions, it provides quite strong
evidence of the role of natural selection.

Best of luck!
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