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Tim Chapman
Thu, 14 Feb 2019 10:20:42 PST
I was told there is a smaller size label/customs form available to download from the USPS website.   

> I just had a ridiculous conversation with my local post office regarding a small padded envelope of seeds I want to ship to Europe. It measures four inches by seven inches.They told me that with the new customs label that must be attached to the front of the envelope that that's too small and I need to use a bigger envelope. And they showed me the size I'd have to use and it was MORE THAN one foot x two feet.  It was a non padded cardboard envelope. WTAF!!!!!!!!!I called them ridiculous for suggesting such nonsense and left before my anger rose.  Are they insane or did something really change in recent weeks that I can no longer send a small packet overseas? Nothing on USPS. com indicates my padded envelope is unacceptable to ship to Europe.  In fact just the opposite.  It clearly states it to be acceptable. This is so annoying as it's the office I've used to ship abroad for 19 years. Dennis in Cincinnati
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