"Nerine" identification

Michael Kent kenttoto@gmail.com
Tue, 05 Feb 2019 13:20:12 PST
Jim & Jim,

Jim McKenney - My greenhouse is currently a figment of my imagination. All
the plants are stashed in the cool basement under grow-lights for the
winter. Although, I'm in the process of building a walled-in (low wall)
patio area near the beach. Maybe I could make a "cover" that would allow me
to create a walipini-type greenhouse for the winter. The area gets mostly
full sun during the winter (on days we have sun anyway).

Jim Waddick - There are (now) 6 bulbs in the pot. When I repot into a
larger pot at some point this summer, maybe I'll try putting two in the
ground. There's an appropriate sheltered area near the patio. What kind of
mulching would you recommend? A single thicker layer of shredded bark, or
would a two-layer mulch of straw covered with bark be better?

Mike, Zone 6a Finger Lakes, where the temperature has steadily dropped
today, and we're now back to 30 degrees. Tomorrow will be 30-40 with
ice/rain, but Thursday should be back up to 55 (for a day).
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