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If it is not nice and flat the small packet will make it difficult for label to stay on.  If it is not perfectly flat it has the be sorted on a parcel machine so the rate is higher.  If flat it can be sorted on a flats machine where they get stacked.  Much more efficient so a letter size flat can be cheaper than a small parcel.  Most distribution for flats is machineable but small parcels sorted by hand in smaller facilities and they are a pain to stack so the PO prefers flats.  So the PO was telling you the more practical cheaper option.  Small parcels used to be cheaper until they aligned the pricing to the cost if processing.  A card is a good idea because if flat and under 1/4" it can go at letter rates.  The newer machines are much better because the pressure adjusts to the thickness rater than the thickness being absorbed by the letter.  If. Too thick it is a small parcel. Big seeds need a bubble pack.The idea is to put the label over the address to prevent it accidently not be sent to APHIS.  After inspection the label is removed showing the address.  But not showing the address makes it difficult to determine if the rating is correct so not using stamps is better.  Best is to put address on both sides.  But be careful when addressing envelopes because some countries reverse the locations of send and receive so it can cause the mail to loop.  Frequently packets are sent straight to recipient if label is on the back.  That can cause looping of the mail until a human being sees it.  Because of that it is possible to have confusion by postal workers depending on alternate reality.Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
-------- Original message --------From: Linda M Foulis <> Date: 2/14/19  12:32 PM  (GMT-06:00) To: 'Pacific Bulb Society' <> Subject: Re: [pbs] US Postal Service Dennis,I've kind of had the same experience depending on which post office I go to.  The customs sticker does have to go on the front, so I don't put the address on front anymore but instead write it all out on the back of my small padded envelope.  My small is 9"x5" still open.  If I don't specify (forcibly sometimes) that it is to go as a small packet, the rates escalate.  Fortunately, my post office is getting used to me.  Maybe you need to train them properly. Good luck.Linda Leslieville, AB, CanadaBalmy day, it's only -20C.  I have to travel 64 km to get my mail, because someone vandalized our community mail boxes, 3 weeks later no sign of it being fixed.  -----Original Message-----From: pbs <> On Behalf Of Dennis KrambSent: Thursday, February 14, 2019 11:14 AMTo: Pacific Bulb Society <>Subject: [pbs] US Postal ServiceI just had a ridiculous conversation with my local post office regarding a small padded envelope of seeds I want to ship to Europe. It measures four inches by seven inches.They told me that with the new customs label that must be attached to the front of the envelope that that's too small and I need to use a bigger envelope. And they showed me the size I'd have to use and it was MORE THAN one foot x two feet.  It was a non padded cardboard envelope. WTAF!!!!!!!!!I called them ridiculous for suggesting such nonsense and left before my anger rose.  Are they insane or did something really change in recent weeks that I can no longer send a small packet overseas? Nothing on USPS. com indicates my padded envelope is unacceptable to ship to Europe.  In fact just the opposite.  It clearly states it to be acceptable. This is so annoying as it's the office I've used to ship abroad for 19 years. Dennis in Cincinnati _______________________________________________pbs mailing listpbs@lists.pacificbulbsociety.net… email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software.… mailing listpbs@lists.pacificbulbsociety.net…
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