Chlidanthus fragrans

Bruce Schroder
Tue, 09 Jul 2019 07:31:20 PDT
Erik Van Lennep, I think you have taken a big leap by suggesting "dry them
off & chuck them in the fridge"!  Their natural habit is cool dry winters &
wet summers based on the advice Alex Cespedes provides.  They grow
naturally close to him in Bolivia so I would be putting my money on his
So to me this translates as water well during the summer growing season &
as the temperatures start to drop at the end of summer, withold water
completely, allow the foliage to wither & die & the mix to dry naturally.
Then later in the year when the temperarures again start to rise,
recommence watering.
As Nhu suggests, the key is to allow them to dry (naturally) when the
weather turns cold.
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