Typhonium giganteum

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Fri, 12 Jul 2019 13:47:39 PDT
Dear PBSers,

	Seems like it has been a little slow so I thought I’d share and ask a few Qs. 

	I have grown the Aroid known as Typhonium giganteum for a decade and more in my Kansas City garden. It is now known as Sauromatum giganteum, but it has been far from gigantic. It does not emerge from dormancy until July or August and then a single leaf comes up about 3-5 in long. I have seen it bloom once. The flower is somewhat similar to the Arum italicum, but a much darker ‘hood’ over a very dark interior and the eventual fruit is something like a pink raspberry. Curious, but not exciting.

	I wonder if any other members grow this aroid in Zone 5/6 in the ground with more success.?

	Last fall a friend sent me a couple dormant tubers and he suggested I keep it totally dry over winter and spring until new growth emerged. So I did and kept the pot in my frost free greenhouse.  Last week the first tuber emerged with a leaf well over a foot long with a husky dark bloom stalk. It was over all about 4 times the size of this sam.e species  in the ground.  In milder climates it can get to twice this size.

	After a couple of months emergent it will go dormant in Sept or Oct for another 9 months. 

	So I am curious if there are other PBS growers who grow this odd bulbous plant and what they see. It is Sauromatum giganteum season now.

			Best		Jim W. 

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