Brunsvigia namaquana

David Pilling
Fri, 26 Jul 2019 15:39:05 PDT

On 26/07/2019 23:08, SHOAL CREEK SUCCULENTS wrote:
> Ok, meaning try again, David?

Yes. Collect pollen/anther, put in fridge, wait for stigma to become 
receptive (visible change), apply pollen. I am not familiar with this 
species, so guessing.

> I did attach a pic of the flower on my last message earlier today.

Yes, you did, thank you. Sorry I did not scroll down far enough.

> For whatever reason, when I post - I don't receive a copy of the message
> via PBS message service- so I can't tell how the content looks.

This is a common complaint.

Firstly you can configure your subscription to not send you, your own posts.

But you have not done that - so the list is sending your posts back - I 
suspect most members do not know they can change various settings for 
their subscription.

The other possibility is that your email program (gmail common source of 
this complaint) is filing the posts somewhere unexpected. Try searching 
for the contents of your post.

David Pilling
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