Pancratium sickenbergeri bloom & Crinum lugardiae question

Michael Kent
Sat, 27 Jul 2019 04:49:07 PDT

My P. sickenbergeri is blooming for the first time today. The bloom (it
appears to be a single bloom) is just starting to open. Are the flowers
self-fertile for the species? And, does it produce a single inflorescence,
then it's done, or will it be a series of blooms until fall?

Also, my C. lugardiae's stem is about the diameter of a silver dollar. It
did not bloom this year, probably because our spring/early summer was cold
and damp. However, it has produced an offset. Is a 12 1/2" (H) × 12 3/4"
(W) pot large enough for an eventual clump, or would I be better off
removing the offset (in a few months) and sending it in for a BX?


In the Finger Lakes, Z6a, where the unusually warm summer is alternating
between drying things out, and evaporating enough water from the lake to
rain each afternoon. Crinums and rain lilies are loving the regular
downpours, other amaryllids, not so much.
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