Help on finding a seed mill

Lesley Richardson
Sat, 13 Jul 2019 15:04:54 PDT
Good afternoon all:

I am learning a great deal about lilies I never knew existed, and their
beauty from this email list.

However, this is a question about finding a small machine that will remove
seeds from very tough Penstemon seed pods. I have spent a couple of years
using a pliers or a needle-nosed pliars to mash the pods, but I saw
somewhere that you can buy a seed mill that will do the same. I gather
thousands of these pods from large plants, and am especially interested in
propagating the Barrett's Penstemons, of which I now have 19 plants. But
it's taken me a year to finally deal with all the seeds I got last year,
and I have already started gathering this year's abundant crop of pods. I
would rather get the seeds in the ground the year I obtain them.

I also have various lilies that I'm propagating (Chocolate lily and
Columbia lily) along with Irises native to the Cascades, but these offer no
difficulty in getting the seeds out of the pods by hand, and the other
flowers I am getting seeds from would not be suitable to go through such a
device. So it's basically what would help with the Penstemons.

Thank you, in advance,

Lesley Richardson
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