Albuca id

Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Mon, 10 Jun 2019 14:51:53 PDT
Hello Joseph,

Sorry about the confusion with your name, I realized that you were the one who sent the picture.

I am afraid that I cannot identify your Albuca. The closest I can come is Albuca aurea but it is evergreen and does not go dormant after flowering. It at least retains some leaves. But the other description would fit: upright yellow flowers, no scent smooth leaves. Although it’s leaves are not really V-shaped.
A. shawii has downward facing flowers, same as A. clanwilliamigloria. I grow another yellow Albuca with upright flowers which is also evergreen and has no name, (A. spec. Rautenbeck Road, Grahamstown) but it is only about 30 to 40 cm tall.
I used to grow Albuca angolensis from Silverhill but I lost it. I remember the flowers were more green than yellow but I do not remember If they faced up or down.
So your plant remains non identified from my side, sorry about that.
Does it set seed? Would you be willing to share some seeds? We can discuss it privately.

Bye for today 

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