Seedling images

Michael Kent
Sat, 01 Jun 2019 15:38:08 PDT
Does anyone know of a site showing images of seedlings of various

I planted a couple of new seedbeds last fall with flowers I have not grown
previously. Last month, we had some flooding (I live on a lake), and the
seedbeds were flooded, but not washed away. I just weeded out at least 500
jewelweed sprouts (not sure where those seeds came from, but they do pop up
around here from time to time). Most of what's left looks like tree
seedlings, but I don't want to pull anything that I don't recognize on the
off chance it's one of the things I planted.

What I was trying to grow is: Cypripedium montanum, Erythronium
grandiflorum, Penstemon superbus, and Verbascum blattaria v. albiflorum.
Also, another bed that ended up being washed away (much closer to the lake)
had seeds of a few species of Sisyrinchium. No sign of anything coming up
in that area, except the usual weeds.


Z6 in the Finger Lakes area, where the water level is still high, but not
quite at flood stage (for us anyway, Lake Ontario (25ish miles North) is a
different story - record high water levels, and expecting about a foot more
before it peaks).
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