Albuca id

Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Fri, 07 Jun 2019 05:16:29 PDT
Hello David,

The Albuca on your picture looks nice..... I am not an expert in Albuca but I grow some and I am in general very interested in the genus. To try to identify your plant I would need much more information than just a portrait of the inflorescence. Is it summer or winter growing or evergreen? Do you know where it comes from originally? How tall is it? Do the flowers or the leaves have a scent? (Could be Albuca shawii with liquorice-like scented leaves) how do the leaves look like? Straight or curly? Flat or channeled, smooth or hairy? How does the bulb look like? How big, exposed or (naturally) underground, which color, fleshy or covered with dry tunic? And so on.

Looking forward to hearing more,

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