Off topic, but it's been mentioned on this list before

Thu, 28 Mar 2019 10:21:43 PDT
My sister had some problems with theft until year she planted along her front
walk some beautiful leaf lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber plants, and some small
squash plants. She put a sign up that said, "Help yourself... but please some
for the next person." All the theft of her prized plants and lovely native
shrubs (we live in the Northwest) stopped, and throughout the season the
snacking plants never seemed to get stripped. When she was cleaning up in the
fall she noticed a piece of paper covered in some used plastic wrap. It said,
"Thank you for your generosity. I am out of work, and your fresh veggies are
such a gift. Reminds me there are kind folks around."

I know that anonymity make thieves feel bold, and her sign may have made things
less so. Just a thought, but interesting, eh?
Jo Canning
Vancouver Island

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Hi Jim,

Very nice.  It is so satisfying when patience is rewarded.

I also saw your earlier post about the theft of snowdrops from your garden.  Not
so nice!  I'm sorry that happened and hope it doesn't repeat.
So far, I have had only good experiences with visitors to my garden and
greenhouse, but I know people locally who have lost valued plants or garden art.
Most gardeners are so willing to give away divisions or seed that I really have
to wonder about the people who resort to thievery.

Nick Plummer
North Carolina, Zone 7

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>  My garden provided a long awaited event this week: after a nearly 
> thirty year wait, Magnolia 'Caerhays Belle' has bloomed! Take a look here:
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