Arum Pictum

Johannes Ulrich Urban
Wed, 08 May 2019 04:16:00 PDT
Hello Judy, Hello Tony,

Why should her plant be wrongly labelled? A flower in September can very 
well produce ripe seed now. The confusion may arise because there is 
also a variety of Arum italicum called A. italicum 'Pictum' which is NOT 
Arum pictum. I would think that a plant from Telos is correctly identified.

A. pictum is winter growing and goes dormant in summer, it is a classic 
mediterranean plant. It therefore would not make much sense to sow the 
seed now because it will not germinate before autumn, normally triggered 
by lower temperatures and moisture. My experience with Arum seed is that 
they are quite long lived and robust, they will germinate when they 
"feel" the right moment has come.

But, to avoid losses due to too much moisture during the summer dormancy 
in a more or less closed container, I would remove the seeds from the 
box and keep them dry and cool in a paper bag and sow in autumn. I think 
that freshly harvested seed is not yet "woken up" with one spraying of 
water. But if you want to be on the safe side you can divide the lot and 
leave half of it in the box and compare the results later on.

Good luck!


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