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Hi Melissa,


Congratulations of your wonder acquisition :) I too received mine in the
winter a few years back and I used the floating technique to get them
started as well and on a heated mat for a little extra warmth. I potted mine
up in a mix that is 90% volcanic scoria and 10% organics (peat,
compost.etc.) when they had a nice root development from being floated but
put a plastic dome over the pot for a little extra humidity until they
started to put out new roots into the mix. Two years later, they seem to be
doing quite well and are about two more years from flowing. Good luck with



Cambridge (Boston) MA, USA


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Hello all.  To my absolute delight I have been sent a gift of some Pamianthe
peruviana seed.  I would love to do these little treasures do
you best germinate the seed?  Is it possible to float them as per
Hippeastrum (which is the technique I am familiar with for amaryllidaceae)?


If not, what media would you recommend and what conditions?  I can supply
bottom heating (we are in South East Australia and it's well on the way to
winter now) in a misted bench environment, or even start indoors, which is
where my Hippeastrum seeds are currently.


Any suggestions or stories of your experiences greatly appreciated.  Love
the PBS :-) Melissa Churchman







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