Arum pictum Set Seeds

Judy Glattstein
Tue, 07 May 2019 08:37:18 PDT
According to the information scribbled on the label I acquired my Arum 
pictum from Telos in September 2005. It lives in a pot plunged in a sand 
bed / bench in the greenhouse. It has flowered but I thought it was not 
self-fertile. Lo and behold, this year it set seed. Today when I 
inadvertently brushed against the seed head some separated and fell off.

I took all of them off. Rubbed orange-red pulp off, then rolled back and 
forth on paper towels to clean the last residue away. Sowed all the seed 
in a plastic cherry tomato container - has a perforated hinged lid, 
perforated container. Spray watered, closed lid. Set under bench.

Any comments, suggestions, recommendations?

Judy in New Jersey where lilies from Costco are emerging irregularly - 
Casa Blanca well up, Stargazer much slower about it
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