Gladiolus orchidiflorus and Gladiolus equitans

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Tue, 14 May 2019 04:00:11 PDT
Depends on where they came from.
If they were grown in the Northern hemisphere they should be dormant now just finishing their growth.
If they were from South Africa they would just be coming into growth.
G. orchidiflorus flowers in August to September in it's native area of Cape Peninsula to Namaqualand.
Found in sandy soils.

G. Equitans should be in growth at the same time.  It's found in the Northern Cape Province, in Namaqualand western part of the province.
It likes granite outcroppings.  I would use a soil high in granite grit.

I have moved towards a less soil based mix for many of the SA bulbs.
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Subject: [pbs] Gladiolus orchidiflorus and Gladiolus equitans

I bought a bulb of Gladiolus orchidiflorus and a bulb of Gladiolus
equitans and I would like to know what is the right time to plant
them. These are South African species that have a winter and spring
development. I live in Italy where it is now spring. Do I have to wait
for the autumn to plant the bulbs?
Secondly, I would like information on the substrate needed for each of
these species. Thank you. Kind regard

Gianni Benetti
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