Cyanixia and Anomatheca

Evan Eifler
Wed, 08 May 2019 09:30:38 PDT
Hi Everyone,

I'm working on the phylogeny (family tree based on DNA) and evolution of
the genus Geissorhiza in the iris family for my PhD thesis - you might have
seen one of my articles in the newsletter a few years back. We will be
embedding the Geissorhiza phylogeny in a larger phylogeny including
representatives from each of the genera in the Iridaceae subfamily
Crocoideae which includes Crocus and Gladiolus. I've been successful at
acquiring leaf tissue or DNA from all of these genera except Cyanixia and
Anomatheca. At this point I've queried the Missouri, Chicago, and the UC
Botanical Gardens and Kew DNA bank in London but they are not available.

I thought I'd send out one last ask to see if anyone happens to have any
species of Cyanixia or Anomatheca in your collection that you'd be willing
to share (a leaf or two). I'd need pure species, not hybrids. If anyone has
them please respond to this email or email me directly at

Thank you very much!

ps. sorry I've been slow to update the Geissorhiza page on the website, but
I hope to get to that this summer!
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